The Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance is a non-profit (501c3) organization working to remediate the effects of Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) in the Shamokin Creek watershed.

and Goals 

To have healthier streams and creeks throughout the Shamokin Creek Watershed by the year 2020. To Restore the Shamokin Creek Watershed so that it supports normal aquatic life. To Involve local governments, businesses, and citizens in clean-up efforts. To provide opportunities to for those who live in the watershed to learn about Abandoned Mine Land issues. And, to restore Abandoned Mine Lands to a state that supports commercial and residential development and recreational uses. 


SCRA has been working in the Shamokin Creek watershed for nearly 15 years. Founded in 1996 the group was formed by citizens concerned about the state of the water.

SCRA is proud of Shamokin’s coal mining heritage. Many members work in the mining industry or had parents or grandparents who worked in the mines. The anthracite regions contribution to powering key cities during the industrial revolution and WWII is a source of pride for people in the community, including members of SCRA.

Sadly, the history we are proud of has led to impaired streams and rivers that are unable to support aquatic life. The Shamokin Creek watershed from its beginnings near Centralia to where it enters the Susquehanna River has nearly 70 AMD discharges. Many originate from abandoned mines where the water mixes with pyrite and creates the signature orange coating seen in many coal region waterways. The orange iron oxide in streambeds prevents plant growth and makes the water unsuitable for animal life.    


There are currently four treatment systems in place within the Shamokin Creek Watershed. Because each AMD discharge has a different chemical makeup there is no standard treatment that can be applied everywhere. Instead, each discharge has a unique treatment process that cleans the water of whatever chemicals and/or minerals are in it and returns the clean water to the creek. This improves overall creek health and will lead to a streams that can support plant and animal life. 

SCRA has also sponsored numerous studies and partnered with researchers to compile a comprehensive view of the watershed that will allow for proper treatment and abatement of acid mine drainage.  For a list of all studies and click here to go to our Resources page.


For more information on our treatment sites click here to go to our Projects page.