Shamokin Creek Restoration Alliance SCRA

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Board of Directors

Jim Koharski, President – Jim has worked with SCRA for more than 10 years. During his time with SCRA Jim has worked to help install weirs to monitor water flow, plan treatment systems and keep the creek clear of debris and trash.


Larry Deklinski, Vice President –Larry helps with outreach by taking many moving photos of the Shamokin Creek Watershed. Giving people a visual of what the creek water looks like and what SCRA is doing to help clean it. 


Michael Handerhan, Secretary – Mike is an active member of the SCRA, helping with water testing, gathering water flow data, and keeping track of the group’s agenda. Mike was elected to his current role in 2010. Prior to 2010 Mike had been a director and also served a term as treasurer. Mike is also the President of a local fire company.


Susan Zaner, Treasurer – Susan is passionate about stopping trashing dumping and preventing littering. She organizes and leads many cleanups throughout the year often in partnership with local municipalities and other nonprofits such as PA Cleanways and Habitat for Wildlife.


Leanne Bjorklund, Director – Leanne has been with SCRA since the group started in 1996. During her time she has held a variety of roles including Vice President. Leanne assists with water testing, gathering water flow data, organizing grant reports, community outreach and much more.


John Bucanelli, Director – John provides information about projects affecting water quality throughout the community. He also helps advise the group on the possibility of piping water to different locations for treatment.


Denny DiOrio, Director – He has served a variety of roles including secretary and is a key member of SCRA. He currently assists with website maintenance.


Dave Kaleta, Director – Dave is concerned about what coal mining has done to the habitats of plants and animals in the Shamokin area. Dave is President of Habitat for Wildlife and works to restore the natural habitat, help clean the water and also to prevent and clean up after trash dumping.


Carl Kirby, Director – Carl is a professor at Bucknell University. His expertise in Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and AMD treatment has been very beneficial to the group. Carl helps make sense of all the water data the group collects and advises on methods of treatment and other potential ways to improve the watershed.



Jaci Harner, Watershed Specialist, Northumberland County Conservation District – Jaci works with several watershed groups within Northumberland County. She, along with the conservation district, help with grants, water testing, advising, and much more. For more information on SCRA feel free to contact Jaci at the conservation district.


Lisa Goodell, Americorps VISTA volunteer 9/09-10/10 – Lisa Goodell is the second Americorps VISTA volunteer. Lisa is part of the Appalachian Coal Country Watershed (ACCWT) team which sponsors VISTA volunteers, in conjunction with the Office of Surface Mining (OSM), throughout the Appalachian coal country. Lisa has worked to update the SCRA website, organize cleanups and outreach events, helps with water testing and gathering flow data as well as many other day to day activities.


Kathryn Coulter, Americoprs VISTA volunteer 8/09-8/10 – Katie was SCRA’s first VISTA volunteer through the ACCWT and OSM. Katie helped the group do more community outreach, especially with younger people, secured grant funding, started the groups newsletter and much more. She left the area to attend graduate school.


YOU CAN BE OUR NEXT VISTA!!!!! If you’re interested in becoming SCRA’s next Americorps VISTA volunteer contact Jaci Harner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . VISTA volunteers are paid a living allowance and given an education award at the end of their year of service. To learn more about being a VISTA got to today!


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